Sunday, July 21, 2013

Augie's 85th Birthday Party

Uncle Augie turned 85 yesterday.  Here are a few pics of his party.

Music by Brian, Al, Jay, Darlene and Bob

Augie's address if you want to send a card:
7917 Carstens Lake Road
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Planning Team Letter

Dear Konsela Cousins!

Happy New Year to all of us, the Konsela Cousins!!!   

With this wish and after a few words “The Team” for the Konsela Cousins Gathering, 8/18/12 will be officially disbanded.     We are pleased for the good we did and must forgive ourselves for our frailties.    Our motivation and plan for August, 2012 was to provide a time and place for us first cousins to get together and get to know better who we all are.   That has happened; surely each cousin got to know others better and to that extent, our aim has been fulfilled. 

We worked on the planning of the Gathering off and on from January to August--mostly on.    And it was almost all pure fun.   There were many areas to consider--location, food, d├ęcor, invitations, explanations, the blog, who would help us, how to notify everyone, etc. etc.    Each of these areas and more were literally multiplied with details and possibilities resulting in many, many decisions to be made.    All of this is now in the past, a memory.  

All is a memory except:  The Blog.   The blog was an unexpected gift to all of us provided by Beverly Thoma Keltner.  When she first presented us with the idea of having “a blog”, we all in 3 different states, took some moments to virtually look at each other and wonder whether we should go for this or not.  We first had to find out what “a blog” was, then how it worked.   Fortunately, we assented to it and it has not only served us cousins very well for the 8/18 event, but it is not set up as a source of information and ongoing communication in the future.    It will live on only because Beverly is willing to continue to serve us as “Blog Master.”    The blog is a vehicle for us Konsela Cousins (others?) to use not only to continue to learn more about our ancestry through the discovery and recovery of documents and stories but to communicate current personal news we may want cousins/extended family to know.   We have in common the same history; we all came from the same place.  

The blog is available currently and as of yet is accessible to first cousins by invitation only.  If you haven’t yet viewed it call any one of us to find out how to get on it.  It is well worth the effort and the more we use it, the more interesting it will be. 

The future of the blog remains to be seen.   We have many options concerning what direction it might take, how it may be used and who might have access.   Please consider getting on it and let everyone know how you would like to see it develop in the future.   What would you like on it?   How would you like it used?   Who would you like to have the ability to access it?   We have many 2nd and 3rd cousins and others who may be interested in it.  Thank you Beverly for setting it up and for helping us use it.

Before we leave the topic of the blog, we acknowledge and thank Joe Heath, our nephew and 2nd cousin for taking the time to show us what is possible by submitting to the blog some very interesting, historical documents pertaining to our ancestry.   Joe has developed an avocation for the study of our family genealogy--"Joe, thank you for that and thank you for sharing your information with us."     Note that Joe doesn't see this letter so if you enjoyed any of what Joe has submitted or you want to see more of what he has gathered, please let him know through the blog.    For that matter, if you have enjoyed or appreciated anything anyone has submitted--pictures, postings, comments, writing, documents or videos--please let that person know.   It is easy as they say "to shoot them an email.”  Everyone likes to know their work or submissions are seen and enjoyed so please don't hesitate to let them know if you appreciate something.   

We have heard from a couple of cousins who enjoyed the gathering and asked if there will be another one next year.   The opportunity is now available for you to step up and let your own creativity flow into another Konsela Cousins event in 2013--your style.   I heard inklings that Brian (Augie and Myrna) is looking for co-planners for next year.   He wants at least 3 people to help.    With telephones, free conference calling and email you don’t even have to live in the same state to be a vital part of a planning team.  If you want to have fun and are interested in helping, call Brian.  The following link is one of many web sites that could be helpful in the planning of a family gathering:  

Many thanks to all of you who helped make the Konsela Cousins Gathering what it was.  

To the August and Mryna Konsela family:    You came from a distance with nearly the entire family, a feat admired by many.   For so many to come from such a distance is amazing and shows us that to you, ‘family is important’.    Truly, miles mean nothing when you want to be connected.   Thank you for all the wonderful things you offered as prizes, the doilies, the sewing, the recipe books and the many other things you brought for the enjoyment of all.   Thanks to each of you Manitowoc Konsela Cousins for being there and for your part in the Konsela Cousins Gathering.   We’re sure Julie would be happy to sell all of us some Konsela/Knutson Recipe Books for our friends and/or descendents as a gift for any occasion.   Thank you, Brian for your part in interviewing your dad and our uncle, August for the blog article.   I heard from a few people they enjoyed it.   Thanks also for the many special and beautiful prizes you brought especially for making the custom built toilet seat which you made with your wife, Luanne.  Who won that prize? Thanks to all the August and Myrna Konsela Family for honoring us with your presence.

To the Mary Konsela Thoma family:   Beverly, the power behind the Blog, this could not have happened without your creativity and hard work.   Thank you for suggesting the Blog, creatively setting it up and for the many hours you patiently and lovingly spent helping both the team and cousins sign on and learn to post and comment.  We want all the cousins to know that maintaining the blog was an enormous amount of work; many of your hours were invested in it almost daily.   Having the blog also helped enormously to create interest and anticipation for the Konsela Cousins Gathering.   Thank you also for recommending and getting Joe Heath on board the blog.  We can now see there are old documents to be found and there is much we can learn from them.  Thank you for interviewing Mark Pronchinski and arranging to have him as our guest speaker.   He has a wealth of information which could make for a gathering in itself.   Thanks for taking the time to visit the Konsela farm and for taking the pictures that made great prizes and postcards for anyone interested in having one.   Beverly, how did you ever have time to crochet a rag rug for a prize?  And make the “Konsela Cousins Gathering” custom labeled wine to give as a gift to each family?   And how did you have the time to make the gigantic “Konsela Cousins Gathering” 3 x 20 foot sign?    Where did you find the time to gather all the pictures and artifacts at your table, including your mother, Mary’s real wedding dress?    Thank you for all the work you put into this event, the memorable gifts and your interesting table.   You are an inspiration to all of us even as you continue to be Blog Master.  Thank you.

Rosemary, you were an invisible force from afar offering your ongoing support, encouragement, ideas and contributions to the blog.   Thank you for the prizes you contributed and for the pictures given to all who were interested in having one of the Konsela family home, as well as the large art print you framed for a “Thanks to Beverly” for her work and the print you made for a team member.   Thank you very much for the very beautiful and professionally done “work in progress” documentary of our family.    We hope every cousin saw it and will continue to contribute pictures for it.   If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, it is available on the blog--look on the left side of the Home Page and click on “SLIDE SHOW” or click on   Thank you also for sending it before the event so the team could see it earlier.   We believe it should win a prize!   Thank you.

, thank you for the ground work you did during the initial planning stages, especially modeling for us the Family Charts.   Thank you for thinking of and acknowledging Uncle Augie with an award and pinning ceremony for his service in the army during the Korean War.    Thanks to you and Silver for taking the time to generously set up the electronics at your table and in the area where people could watch it going through the food line.   We needed more hours in the day to see all you provided.   Thank you very much.  Thanks to all the Mary Konsela Thoma family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.

To the Jennie Konsela Pogreba family:   Thank you for coming from far and near and bringing all the pictures, the artifacts and the very large, impressive and up to date family tree for your table.   Annie, you jumped on the blog early, modeling for all the Konsela Cousins the way we could have a personal conversation with someone across the state without using the telephone.   Thank you also for greeting all the Konsela Cousins with your ever friendly and welcoming smile as they arrived and for being in charge of pinning on their name tags.    Thank you all for the prizes you brought to add to the fun of the gathering, including the vase, the pottery and the tiered cookie tray.   And John, thanks for playing your role as MC, which we promptly usurped.   Thanks to all the Jennie Konsela Pogreba family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.  

To the Joseph Konsela Family, thank you for the ways you have helped.   Albert, you influenced our choice of location and caterer and we were pleased with both.   Thank you for bringing the prizes, the Diamond Willow canes, the knitting needles and for putting up the highway signs.  Did anyone see them?  Thank you, Diane for bringing candles and for setting and decorating the tables.  Bob and Darlene, thank you for posting pictures and bringing the flowers for the table and some snacks.   Thank you Joseph Konsela family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.

To the Leo Konsela Family:  Thank you Ruth and Don for making this day special by helping to prepare the decorations at a pre-party back in June.    See pictures on the blog.   Thank you for bringing snacks and pictures for your table.  Thanks to all the Leo Konsela Family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.

To the Lillian Konsela Konkel Family:  Thank you for setting up your table with family pictures.  And Joan, thank you for making the trip way from Milwaulkee. Thank you Lillian Konsela Konkel family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence. 

To the Rose Konsela Konter Family:   Thank you for setting up a table with your special family pictures which added to the enjoyment of this day.    Bernadette, thanks for submitting to the blog the article about you and Elmer.   It was fun to read and helped us get to know you and your life better.  Ray, thanks for letting us know you enjoyed the gathering.   It was good to hear you respond.   As far as your question goes about whether we will have a gathering again next year, the answer is:   “We hope so.   It won’t be the four of us, but we hope you and some other cousins will emerge and put together a second gathering of Konsela Cousins next year.”   Thank you Rose Konsela Konter Family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.

To the Romeo Konsela Family:  Thank you for all you did to make this a very special day.   Ron, thank you for taking the time to bring the gigantic bunches of beautiful balloons which added big splashes of color and fun to the day.   Judy, thank you for bringing the beautiful, beautiful family pictures which made your table look lovely.   Thanks to the Romeo Konsela Family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.

To the Valentine Konsela Family:   Thank you Shirley Ann for all you did to make the gathering special.    Thank you for the pictures and artifacts you brought from your family archives.   You were very generous to share the story of your early history which many of us did not know.   Your candidness was admirable and added to the warmth and intimacy of the gathering.   Thank you Valentine Konsela Family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.

To the Lisowski Family:   Thank you for all you did to add to the enjoyment of the Konsela Cousins Gathering.   Thank you all for the special pictures you brought for your table and the artifacts, including the apron Grandma crocheted for you, Vivian, our informal family archivist.   You were generous to share with the team, your knowledge of dates and other pertinent family historical information even before the gathering.  Hopefully we will have another chance to look at all the information you have in more depth.   Thank you Olga Konsela Lisowski Family for honoring us, your cousins with your presence.
*  *  *
Thank you to every cousin and family for bringing pictures and things for others to see, for bringing prizes to drool over and to give away, snacks for the afternoon and for everything each of you did to add to the enjoyment of the gathering.   We have thanked individuals for many things, yet we likely missed many.   Cousins contributed so much and we didn’t see everything.   Please know that everything you did to contribute to the day enhanced it in immeasurable ways, even if it wasn’t mentioned.  Thank you all.  And especially, thank you for coming.

Some cousins have asked for the documents we compiled for the gathering.   We are now disseminating them to all the cousins.   Please note that we are attaching three (3) different kinds of documents in our email to you.   

1.  The family charts.   There will be one chart of our grandparents and each of their eleven children, our parents, aunts and uncles.   There will be a separate family chart for each of their children (except Barbara) which will include every cousin’s name, current address, telephone number and email if they have it.   

2.  A chronological list of cousins.  This will be in birth order so you will be able to see if you are the 7th, 17th or 67th cousin.  

3.   A list of cousins by month.   This will show who was born in each month of the year.   This will make it easy to know whose birthday is coming up in January, February, etc. and it will make it easy to slip them an email.

Although all this information is easily accessible to us and anyone else (the public) on Google and the genealogy sites, we’ve compiled these lists to make it more convenient for us.  Now that you all have the family charts, you have every cousin’s email and current address and you can send pictures to all or whomever you wish.   We invite you to put pictures on the blog or simply send copies of them to all or whichever cousins you want.  Some of us haven't seen any pictures, yet, and there were many taken.   By the way, if you want a copy of a document or picture of anything on the blog, simply print it out.   If anything you put on the blog is outdated or you want to change something you posted, simply send your request in an email to Beverly, the blog master.

We will end with a variation of the quotation which heads the blog:  As with the Konsela Cousins Gathering or any other event, our generous sharing of ourselves is what makes it enjoyable, fun and memorable for all.   We again thank all of you for your part in the Konsela Cousins Gathering and we look forward to having many more gatherings.   

Barb Pasala
Gene Pogreba
Marge Nicolai
Mary Jane Konsela

That’s all.   Now you may hear something from each of us, individually.  

From Marge:   It was wonderful seeing all of our cousins and our guests of honor.  Many of you I haven’t seen in several years. As for me, I am not that detail oriented, so thank you Mary Jane, Gene, Barb and Beverly for all your hard work. I did not put as much time in as the other team members. I had just moved and starting over in a new community with my real estate business was and still is very time consuming and challenging.
As I already stated, it was great seeing everyone and I certainly hope that in the future a few of our cousins would be willing to plan another “cousin gathering”. It could be as simple as a picnic in the park with everyone bringing a dish to pass. Just getting together is what counts.
The day was wonderful and one of the thoughts I had during the day was that our parents, looking down at us would be very happy to see us all together! God bless all of you, stay healthy and enjoy life!

From Mary Jane:   Being on this planning team was much fun and much work.   I loved being a part of the planning team and thinking of the many things we could do and doing most of them or having them done.   I loved that we could put together the many details and try to make them match.  It was also fun because all along I was getting to know the other team members I really didn’t know before.  

During this planning time I learned of Gene’s sensitivity to how people might respond to a word said or written.   He courageously moved out of his comfort zone and took on his share.   I also noticed he took 3 vacations this year.   I could definitely learn from that!  

I learned Barb was a “get things done, now” person, and practical, something she said she learned from her mother (Jennie).    And there is so much more.   It was Barb who said the words, “Let’s have a cousins gathering--just cousins--wouldn’t it be fun?”   I can picture where we were all standing when she said it.   Without her fun loving spirit, her appreciation of family and dedication to her work the gathering would have never happened.  Even further back than that Barb showed some very strong and admirable qualities.   After the lunch at her mother’s (Jennie’s) funeral (March, 2011), she was willing to bravely risk saying something about a handicap she saw and offered to use her expertise to do something about it.  I am amazed to see how one act can eventually affect so many people, in this case, all of you, our whole family.   Since then I saw many other times how much she valued her work of providing hearing aids for people.   I understand that now in FL she is making inroads that will eventually make better hearing possible for more people there.   Thanks for your dedication and the way you affect the world, Barb. 

From Marge I learned to set my priorities and stick to them.   That is a big lesson for me.  Thanks Marge for bringing your scanning and printing technology to the event.  Everyone on the team showed flexibility and willingness to stretch as we made decisions together and committed to do things that took bravery and courage.  

As with the planning of events like this one, the biggest fear is that no one will come.   That was there, too.   So it was a very big relief each time someone suggested something, committed to help or said they were planning to come.   

I look forward to another gathering in the coming year in someone else’s style when I will come rested and have the time to talk with more people.   Meantime, Happy 2013!

From Gene:  Working on the team was a great experience and made me realize how many first cousins I actually have.  I would bet that all of the cousins were not aware of this also so I think this was very rewarding for all of us.

I would like to thank Mary Jane for guiding the team and keeping us on track to make the gathering as great as it was.  Mary also volunteered to write all the letters which were much better than I could have written.  Thank You Mary Jane for all of your work.

To all the cousins, it was great to see everyone and I only wish there was more time to visit with each of you.  Everyone had a good time which made the work of getting this together very rewarding.  I hope someone will plan more reunions for the cousins so we can all visit and get to know each other better.  It was great getting to know Mary Jane and Marge again.  I remember Marge when she came to my mother’s wake and said do I remember her.  I said give me a little help and she said Marge.  I had to say give me a little more help and she said Konsela.  That is why I think we had such great turn out.  Everyone wanted to meet cousins that many of us lost touch with or may have never met. Thanks to all for making this possible. 

Happy New Year!

From BarbBeing a part of a four cousin team (well, one was my brother Gene) was the highlight of 2011- 2012 for me.  Like Mary Jane wrote in our first letter it all came to be because she and I were able to speak briefly for the first time at my mom's funeral service.  This was the first time since we were kids.  And thanks to us persevering we were able to accomplish the task of getting our First Cousin Reunion rolling and finalized into a very exciting day for us on August 18, 2012.   To our amazement we had a great turnout with almost all the cousins in the end contributing to this special day in one way or another.  All in all we had a lot of smiling faces talking up a storm--but time only allowed for so much.  My only hope is that someone will take up this “Cousin Torch” and keep these reunions going.  You will see cousins stepping up to help and contribute as they did in 2012.  

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lavonne Konsela

LaVonne Konsela
Posted: Friday, December 28, 2012 12:00 am

LaVonne A. "Vonnie"Konsela, age 71, of Durand, died Monday, December 24, 2012 at Chippewa
Valley Hospital in Durand with her family by her side, after a very courageous fight with esophageal

Vonnie was born on September 7, 1941 in Alma. She was the daughter of Sidney and Alma (Engler)
Bignell. Vonnie grew up in the Arkansaw area and graduated from the Arkansaw High School in 1959.
She married Don Konsela Sr. on October 10, 1959 at St. Mary's Church in Durand. After marriage,
Vonnie and Don lived in Durand and raised their family. Vonnie worked as a bookkeeper for Don at
Don's Super Service until 1964. She also did upholstery work and later drove bus for Durand Schools.
In 1979 Don and Vonnie established Northside Transmission where she did the bookkeeping until
retiring in 2011.

Vonnie loved playing her accordion, often entertaining at the campground in Chetek. She also enjoyed
fishing, cooking, playing cards, ceramics, boating and snowmobiling. Vonnie especially liked her time
at Six Lakes Campground in Chetek where the family spent 25 summers together.

Vonnie is survived by her husband of 53 years, Don; four children, Cindy (Larry) Holmstadt of
Durand, Don Jr. and Tim (Becky), both of Elmwood, Brice of Arkansaw; nine grandchildren, Rick
(fiance, Jessica), Daniel, Sarah, Kylie, Kruz (Britany), Kody, Brady, Taylor, Lili; one greatgranddaughter, Macy; five brothers, Reuben (Bev) Bignell of Baldwin, Dale (Sheryl) Bignell and Bill
(Barb) Bignell, both of Menomonie, Bruce Bignell of Chippewa Falls and Henry (Diane) Bignell of
Amery; one sister, Rose (Dale) Johnson of Eau Claire; nieces; nephews; other relatives and friends.

She is preceded in death by her parents; a son, Bobby; and a brother, Bob Bignell.
Funeral Services will be 11:00 a.m. Monday, December 31, 2012 at St. Mary's Catholic Church in
Durand. The Rev. Eric Linzmaier will officiate. Burial will be in the Waubeek Cemetery in rural

Friends may call from 4 to 8 p.m. Sunday at the Rhiel Funeral Home in Durand and one hour prior to
services at the church on Monday.
Rhiel Funeral Home & Cremation Services, Durand, is serving the family.
Condolences may be made online at

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Visitation & Funeral for LaVonne Konsela

Visitation will be from 4-8 p.m. Sunday at Rhiel Funeral Home and at 10 a.m. Monday at St. Mary's Catholic Church, both in Durand.

Services will be at 11 a.m. Monday at the church.  Burial will be at Waubeek Cemetery, rural Durand.

From Eau Claire Leader Telegram, Thursday, December 27, 2012.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Sad News

Death Notice in the Eau Claire Leader Telegram, Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Konsela, LaVonne, 71 of Durand, died Monday at the Chippewa Valley Hospital in Durand.
Arrangements are pending at Rhiel Funeral Home, Durand.

(LaVonne is Donald's wife.  I spoke with Jim's wife before posting this to confirm the information.  I will post the funeral arrangements if they are in the full obituary in tomorrow's paper.)

Call me if you would like Don's address.  I don't feel comfortable posting it here.  (715-962-2458)

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Message from Brian:  
Please pass this along to anyone in the family that Dad is back in the hospital again for the same reason, a racing heart.  I’ll keep you updated.
Thanks, Brian

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Uncle Augie in the Hospital

Hi, everyone,

I just found out from Brian that Uncle Augie was in the hospital.  He went in on Monday because his heart was racing.  He returned home on Friday.  He is "back to his old self" today.

If you'd like to send a card:
August Konsela
7917 Carstons Lake Road
Manitowoc, WI 54220

Saturday, September 15, 2012

New Pages Added to Photobucket Folder

I am adding some of the pages that my sister Maria copied from the Waumandee book for me today. It's taking a little bit because I am going through all the pages trying to name them, but hopefully I'll get them all uploaded before I go to work today. In case you need the link, here it is again: Kondziela/Konsela/Konsella Documents on Photobucket

Monday, September 10, 2012

Reaction Button

Now you can react to a post simply by clicking!  (Checking to see if the reaction button is added.)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


If you want to view the slide show one more time, here is the web site you can find it at:

There are actually four of the same project listed.  Please view the first one (on the left) that says "Konsela Corrected" project.  The others were without the photos that Bev was able to give me to add to the show.  When you click on the arrow, you will get a yellow target coming at you.  Then there will be a screen with a slide in the middle.  Click on this slide to begin the show. 

I will not make hard copies of it since not everyone is represented on the slide show and it is difficult to put written information into a moving slide show.  I encourage everyone to study Joe's documents and those others of us have posted as well.  There is so much that can be learned from them.  And I hope more of you will have information you will continue to share here.  Having the blog and seeing pictures from the event made it less painful for me to be home in NC during the event.  This is as close to the reunion as people like me got -- and I appreciate it.

Friday, August 17, 2012


It would be great to create a master DVD of all the GREAT photos of the Konsela Family.  Would you be willing to share from your family collection?

Marge offered to bring along a printer and photo paper in case anyone wanted a copy of a picture that someone has.

It sounds like Sylver will have equipment there for scanning as well.  If we don’t make a disk, perhaps we could upload them to a photography site that also allows us to order prints we want.  Anyone have suggestions for this?  (Walgreen?  Shutterbug?...)

Ann Matchey also said she would be willing to scan photos for us if they are brought to her house.  Check with her first.

Perhaps you can scan your own.  If so, be sure to use at least 300dpi scans and make sure your scanner glass is as free of dust as possible.  If a good quality photo has been damaged or is faded, it can be repaired (depending on type of damage) if it is scanned well.
Photos shared on the BLOG have been very meaningful.
It would be great to have photos that show life during the time Olga and Robert's family were growing up.  Farm pictures or activity pictures (like the one of grandpa's birthday or August's first communion, or wedding pictures, or working on the farm, or cousins gathered around Olga,) tell us a story of life at that time. 

Does anyone have photos of the "great grandparents:" Frank and Rosa and Anton and Jennie?

Question for the Planning Team

If we are bringing bars, would you like them in the pan or on a nice serving tray?

Prize - Best Seat in the House

From Brian describing the creation of the Best Seat in the House:
The other day I picked up the seat at Menards and then I made the logo and glued it on. Luanne cut out the lettering on her Cricut machine that she does scrap booking with. Then she put the letters through her sticker maker and there it is.  The base was some plywood that I had sitting in the basement for a while.  See you Saturday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Memorial Park

If you have never visited Memorial Park in Arcadia, you owe it to yourself to take a walk through the park after the gathering.  It is probably the greatest tribute to veterans of all era's in all of Wisconsin.  It is located just a couple of blocks from the gathering site.  The attached pic  shows just a very small portion of the park.  The statues of the  soldiers  that you see around the top of the picture are larger than life size.  Don't miss this opportunity.
Arcadia, WI : Memorial Park

Which Cuz?

Not a great quality pic (from the Winona Newspaper Project) but some of you may be able to figure out who this is.

Saturday's Program/Special Features

Check out the Programs & Exhibits tab to see the schedule for the day.  Also check out the Special Features tab (be sure to scroll down for some new items).

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012


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How many cousins are veterans?

In addition to Uncle Augie, a Korean War Veteran, and Harry Allen, a World War I veteran, I know the following cousins are veterans:

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Harry Allen

Ann Konkel has so many stories to tell from her fantastic memory and she is going to be at the

Blossoming Blog

The Konsela Blog has been blossoming and is in full fall bloom - just in time for the Konsela Cousins Gathering next Saturday at the Arcadia Area Historical Society at 12:00.

Helpful Hint: How to Make a Comment to a Post

A cousin asked:  How do I type a comment to a post that someone has made? 
Example:  If you want to make a comment to the post shown above: 

Friday, August 10, 2012

New Prizes Added to the List

Check out the Volunteer tab for new and exciting prizes donated by Myrna Konsela!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Picture of Robert & Olga sent to me by Veronica

Joe & Alvina Konsela

Joe and Alvina Konsela wedding picture Jan.17-1944
left to right Bob Lisowski  Florence Fernholz  Joe and Alvina.

Joe and Alvina Konsela  1998

Aunts & Uncles

Who & Where?

August Konsela

My Dad's First Barn

This picture was taken in August of this year. It's located in Bennet Valley.
  This is what's left of the first farm that August had.

Request for Help

Check out the Volunteer tab to find out how you can help the planning team.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Donated Prize List

Check out the Volunteer tab on the home page for a list of items donated for prizes.

Friday, August 3, 2012

My Favorite Picture of Grandma

This picture was taken at a first cousin's wedding.  Can you identify the newly weds?
What a beautiful woman Olga was!


These are a scan from the St. Boniface 125th celebration history book.  I believe this may be the church that Robert and Olga got married in. 

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Visit Robert & Olga's Home Farm Via Satellite

S1425 Buells Valley Road, Mondovi, Wisconsin

Check it out on Google Satellite Maps by clicking here.

Visit Waumandee on Sunday

On Sunday, August 19th, the day after the Konsela Cousins Gathering, St. Boniface Parish in Waumandee will be holding its annual festival.  Mass is at 10:00 a.m. with dinner to follow.  Fun and games all day!  Consider visiting the church cemetery where Grandma and Grandpa are buried.

If you are planning on staying overnight in the area, you might want to consider the Waumandee House for accommodations - 608-626-2371.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


Not sure everyone in the family will appreciate me sharing this particular photo but I just found it today.  Back row, Katie, Veronica, Bill, Rosy, Vicky.  Front row:  Beverly, Lambert, Bob (Robert -- named after grandpa), Mary and Sylver.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Robert and Olga 25th Anniversary

Planning Team Letter - July 30, 2012


 Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dear Cousins,
Welcome to all of you who have signed up for the Konsela Cousins Gathering!!! We have in store for us a whole day to see cousins again—those we know and those we don’t know. And there is no other purpose for the day than having fun getting to know each other.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Breaking News Part II: Dorfplan von Tscheschen 1944

Ok, I realize that this is from 1944, but I am positive that the Obieglos and Kondzielas came from this village. There are Obieglos galore listed here.  Also a Lebek and a Kondziela.  If you look at some of

Lambert & Mary (Konsela) Thoma

Married at Saint Boniface Church in Waumandee on April 26, 1944.  Does Anyone know who their attendants were?  I remember Sokoloski's but not sure of spelling or first names.

Thursday, July 26, 2012


If you can call something that happened about 150 years ago that. :-D I just got information that there was at least one son and daughter that did not

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Part of a Family

Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family.  Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one.
-Jane Howard
Can you identify this clan?  What year was this photo taken?  I just love those scarves which also doubled as dish towels!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

I guess mom, Mary Konsela, was always the photographer. Who's got the chicken on their head?
I put a bunch of censuses and stuff up for you guys if you're interested. I didn't want to clutter up the

A book mentioning Robert and a "bonus" book mentioning a couple of you! :-D

I found a book that mentions Robert. I know that it also mentions

Who's Missing From This Photo?


  1. I've got this picture in storage! Mom and Dad sat down with me one day when she came to the beauty salon and we sat in the dryer chairs and I wrote down everyones names on the back in order. Grandma was pregnant at the time.
  2. Notice Grandpa's the only one smiling!! LOL
  3. This is kind of a test to see if I can post,,, Here is who I think they are, back row: Valentine, Olga, Romeo, middle row: Rose, Grandma Olga, Leo (Nick), Grandpa Robert, Lillian, Jennie on Grandma's lap and Joe on Grandpa's lap, Mary would by the gestating baby and August not thought of yet. I think I might be correct about the names but Lillian and Rose just a guess because I went by height and age. Any corrections?
  4. I think August (Dad) was thought of, Grandma is pregnant.


    1. No I think she was pregnant with Mary, your dad is the youngest. Did you see the picture I posted of Olga and Jennie? It ended up on the main page, don't know how to move to the picture section, maybe Bev can do that.
  5. Picture was taken June 26, 1923, Olga's wedding day the same day the picture of Olga and Jennie picture was taken, I posted that picture and that is what was written on the back.


    1. I forgot how many kids there were & I don't remember all of the names.
    2. If you go under the tab "look who's coming" all the siblings are listed and there are 10 with your dad being the youngest. by the way, that is a very nice picture of your mom and dad.

Friday, July 20, 2012


The Planning Team is planning on giving prizes at the Konsela Cousins Gathering.  I would like to donate a few items, namely a
This is the grave for Rosine/Rosa (Lybeck) Kondziela, Robert's mother. It probably is also the grave for Franz/Frank, Robert's dad. This picture was posted on in 2009 by a descendant of Ignatz "Nick" Konsella, Robert's brother.  This is the description that they posted with it:  

Marker for Rosa Kondsiela in the St. Boniface Catholic Church cemetery in Waumandee, Buffalo County, Wisconsin. Almost completely unreadable, now is it is worn and covered in lichen. Perhaps the two small stones on either side mark the resting places for Rosa and Franz.


Harry Allen

For those of you that don't know who I am, I am Joe Konsela's grandson, and Patricia Konsela's son, Joe Heath. I have been doing a lot of stuff with genealogy over the past year and have been graciously granted rights to post on here because I have a few things that you guys might be interested in.  I thought that something that you guys might be interested in was the Harry Allen story. I've heard that some of you used to visit him from time to time.

I'll give you a progression of the stories and facts as they developed for me.

My grandpa told a very interesting story about Harry saying that